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Our packages are the perfect way to try a combination of services put together to give the ultimate spa experience. 

*Please call spa to schedule packages.


Wellness Trio - $65

Zero Gravity Chair Massage + Infrared Sauna Session + Oxygen Bar

(service timeframe approx 1hr. 15 min)

Calm Your Mind Combo 

Zero Gravity Chair Massage + First Time Float Therapy = $70

Zero Gravity Chair Massage + Regular Float Therapy = $85

(service timeframe approx 1hr 45 min)

Head to Toe Trio - $100

Zero Gravity Chair Massage + Foot Soak/Scrub + Express Facial with Neck & Shoulder Rub

(service timeframe approx 1hr. 15 min)

Skin Soothing Escape - $110

Relax & Be Well + Express Facial

(service timeframe approx 1hr. 45 min)

Spa Day Getaway - $175

Our Spa Day Getaway gives you an opportunity to experience a nice variety of services geared towards relaxation, skincare, and well-being. No substitutions please.

(service timeframe approx 3hr )

Getaway includes:

Zero Gravity Chair Massage

Relax & Be Well

Express Facial

Infrared Sauna Session

Oxygen Session

Ultimate Skin Loving Escape - $275

Taking care of our skin is important, and we have put together the perfect package to help you give your skin the attention it needs from head to toe.

(service timeframe approx 3hr )


Foot Soak

Body Exfoliation + Body Mask + Skin Hydration

EcoFin Hand & Foot Treatment

Signature Facial + Scalp Massage

Neck & Shoulder Rub

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