Massage restores vital energy, reduces stress, and muscle tension as well as promotes a balanced body and state of mind. 



The relaxing qualities of our Signature Massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being. Our Signature style is a soothing full body massage designed to relax muscle tension while increasing the body’s circulation, sending healthy, oxygen-rich blood to your muscles.

 **If you are looking for deeper tissue techniques to combat specific concerns, please call for availability.

60 MINUTE - $70    

75 MINUTE - $85   

90 MINUTE - $100



Prenatal Massage is a full body massage that promotes a comfortable low stress pregnancy. Gentle and relaxing, this is a must for moms-to-be. Also great for baby!

60 MINUTE PRENATAL  - $70   

*Please get doctor approval for massages during your first trimester. **When scheduling a prenatal massage online please let us know in the notes how far along you are. This allows us to properly set up the massage table to best suit your needs.

COUPLES MASSAGE **Limited availability - please call spa to schedule

Escape to our elegant Paris Room for a side-by-side Signature Massage. These sessions are perfect for couples, friends, or family members who want to share in a relaxing massage escape. 

COUPLES 60 MINUTE  - $140  


 Mini-spa treatments that are designed to help your massage session feel just a little more luxurious.



(enhancements are incorporated within your chosen massage time and do not need to be scheduled ahead of time)


Pamper Me - $5.00 - The use of hot, moist towels on neck, back, and feet to help relax tight muscles and increase circulation. 

**We will also add in a soothing eye pillow for your comfort.


Essential Oil - $5.00 - Essential oil of your choice is either diffused in room or added to your massage lotion.

**you may choose both options for $10.00


Exfoliating Scrub a Dub - $10.00  - Back exfoliation and removal of dry skin, followed by a nourishing moisturizer.


Poor Little Footsies - $10.00 - Mixture of peppermint and tea tree oil is applied with a soothing foot exfoliation and hot towel removal. 




(deluxe add-ons must be scheduled along with your chosen massage)


15 Minute Nap - $15.00 (15 minutes) - Not quite ready to get up yet? No worries. Your massage therapist will leave the room and let you rest for another 15 minutes after they complete your massage. They will quietly sneak back into the room and tap you on the shoulder when 15 minutes is up so you can savor those last few moments of relaxation.


Scented Foot Soak - $20.00 (15 minutes) - A soothing foot soak is the perfect way to start relaxing prior to your massage. You will be able

to choose your seasonal scent from our bath bar once you arrive for your service. This soak also includes a scrub to smooth and soften those tired feet.

Eco-Fin Treatment 

Eco-fin is a natural, petroleum-free alternative to paraffin that will soothe and nourish your hands and feet, leaving them feeling soft and supple. Add this treatment to your massage to complete your wonderful pampering experience!

Hands or Feet = $25 (15 minutes)

Hands/Feet Combo = $35 (30 minutes)

All prices are per person. Prices and selections subject to change at any time. 


Our half hour massage is perfect for those times when
you just want some quick relief on a specific area. 
30 Minute - $45


This fully clothed mini massage will focus on your neck, shoulders, and back. 

20 Minute - $35

*not available for online scheduling


SOLE RECOVERY - $55 (45 Minutes)

This experience will leave your feet rejuvenated and your soul recovered!  

Your tired feet will find relief with our Sole Recovery experience. You will begin to unwind as we apply a soothing warm neck wrap while you are enjoying a (seasonally scented) foot soak and exfoliation. The recovery experience continues with a pressure point foot massage that can improve circulation and restore energy flow through the body. We will then let you stay relaxed, drift away, and nap for a few moments.



Hot Stone Therapy is a technique that uses heated stones to relax and massage sore muscles.  The smooth, rounded stones

are massaged along various points on the body to open up energy channels and promote circulation. During this 75 minute

full body massage, the heated stones will literally “melt” through stiff muscles, allowing you to experience a deeper sense of

relaxation and well-being.

75 MINUTE HOT STONE THERAPY MASSAGE- $110                 



 This full body massage is a combination of our Relaxation Massage along with the addition of Young Living Essential Oil

aromatherapy. Your choice of oil is incorporated into your massage as well as diffused in the room for an overall calming, energizing, and cleansing effect. We will also add hot moist towels infused with your oil of choice. 

75 MINUTE AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE - $100                   

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OIL CHOICES: *when scheduling online you may write your oil choice in notes section.

Eucalyptus Blue - An exclusive Ecuador oil is high in eucalyptol, which supports normal respiratory function.

Joy - This uplifting blend of oils creates magnetic energy and brings happiness to the heart.

Lavender - A relaxing scent with balancing properties that may also calm the mind and body.

Peace & Calming - Encourages deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Peppermint - Helps support healthy respiratory system and protects against negative emotional influences.

Stress Away - Unique combination of Lime, Vanilla, Copaiba, and Lavender to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium.

Ylang Ylang - This oil can relax the mind and uplift emotions; may also help control negative feelings such as frustration & anger.


Massage Therapists

All of our Massage Therapists perform our Signature Massage. Other services/body treatments as well as pressure will vary depending on therapist. Some therapists can perform Deep Tissue techniques on a focused area if necessary.


Light to Medium Pressure

*No Deep Tissue

*No 90 Minute Massage


Tues = 10am -7pm

Wed = 10am - 5pm

Thur = 10am - 7pm

One Saturday a month


Medium Pressure


Tues = 12pm -7pm

Wed = 10am - 5pm

Fri = 10am - 7pm

One Saturday a month


Medium to Firm Pressure



Tues = 10am -3pm

Wed = 10am - 3pm

Thur = 12am - 7pm

Fri = 10am - 3pm

One Saturday a month


Medium to Firm Pressure


Wed = 10am - 4pm

Fri = 10am - 4pm

Two Saturdays a month


Medium to Firm Pressure


Tues = 11pm -6pm

One Saturday a month

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