April is the best. I was carrying so much tension when I came in, and was completely relaxed when I left. 

Becky S.   May 2019


Excellent! Kala was very concerned about my issues. Friendly attitude regarding her job and workplace. I feel blessed to have this service so very close to my home.

Janet G.   April 2019


That was by far the best massage I've ever had. I'd love to come back soon with my daughter and my mom! Thank you Lynn for taking extra time on the knots in my shoulders!

Chelsea D.   April 2019 


April was very welcoming and professional. I came in for a relaxation massage and that is exactly what I received. I would highly recommend April to anyone wanting to experience an hour of pure bliss.

Deb D.   March 2019


Loved my first massage here and plan on coming back! My massage therapist April was very sweet and did a great job.

Shaylee K.   March 2019

Kala was very thorough and gentle as per my request - so very relaxing!

Carol S.   March 2019

Emily is great! And your whole facility is warm, inviting, and relaxing.

Rafael D.   February 2019

Lynn was so good, and even gave me a suggestion on how to place my pillows at night when I sleep to help with my shoulder issues while pregnant.

Jilayne W.   February 2019 

Love, love, love April!!! Always so kind and genuinely cares. She is more like a counselor if you ask me, with the perk of being really good at massage!!

Ashley S.   February 2019


The most peaceful, relaxing, awesome massage, secluded like get away. Most massage places seem like Dr.’s offices. Salubrity Vida is like a vacation getaway. Love it!

Jessica A.   February 2019


It's always a pleasure to walk into the spa. The atmosphere and staff are instantly relaxing.

Mandy D.   December 2018 


Lynn is perfect, she knows what I need better than I do.

Jay P.   December 2018 


Kala is always a joy to work with. She listened to my needs and helped me to relax on a day when I had a lot on my mind.

Bev J.   December   2018


Totally relaxed and melted into the table.. great job. I loved my day with you girls.. I would recommend your place to any one.

Nancy W.  October 2018


April is kind, professional, accommodating, she is so appreciated.

Robert V.  October 2018 


Fabulous massage, the very best I've had in years! The next time we are back in town, we will be sure to return. Thank you very very much!!

Caroline C.   October 2018

Kala was very nice and did a wonderful job. I have had a few massages other places, and this was by far the best one. I felt so relaxed leaving. I can not wait for my next visit!

Lauren P.   September 2018


My massage was wonderful! Exactly what I was hoping for. Your space was very nicely decorated and pleasant. I will definitely return.

Gloria P.  September 2018


My daughter-in-law, daughter and myself had the "summer splash experience." Lynn was my massage therapist. It was probably the best massage I've ever had. She was professional, hit all the right spots and gave the most relaxing massage. The time went too quickly. Afterwards, my group relished in the glow of oils as we enjoyed our bottle of water and snacks in the comforting setting of the waiting area. All of us agreed that we loved Salubrity Spa, our massage therapists and would definitely return.

Chris E.   August 2018


Cami was amazing, kind, caring, knowledgeable and helpful.

RJ S.  August 2018 


Lynn was very knowledgeable and friendly and did a great job. I’d love to have her work on me again.

David W.   August 2018


Emily came in special for us on our anniversary, and we can’t thank her enough!! We are so grateful for two caring individuals (Emily & Cami) who have dedicated their time to the wellbeing of their clients. We love you guys!!

Becky B.  July 2018


Felt AWESOME and RELAXED afterwords. I will definitely book my next appointment with Emily. Thank you!!

Jill D.  June 2018 


Cami was excellent! Well versed in the science of massage therapy, and clearly understood my needs.I strained my lower back and needed help. Cami got me going in the right direction!

Rafael D.  April 2018 


Lynn is wonderful!! Very knowledgable in her work and very sweet!

Sonja G.  April 2018


Kala is very professional and welcoming. She listened as I explained my problems and concerns and addressed them in a calming and reassuring manner. She checked that I was okay with the pressure she applied before proceeding with the massage.

Bev J.    April 2018


Emily was very thorough, and she did a very complete job of addressing concern areas, as discussed prior to the massage. This is the best massage I have received to date. Very pleased!

Ashley M.    March 2018


Lynn and Cami were so great!!! My husband was very nervous about having a couples massage but at the end of the day he said he would do it again tomorrow and any other day! Looks like we will both be back! YAHOO!!!

Laura P.    December 2017


Kala was awesome in pinpointing problem areas, educating me, and even provided a helpful referral. It was a great experience. Very clean facility and relaxing environment. Thank you!

Stephanie K.   November 2017


Great massage! Lynn is friendly and experienced! I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Zach A.    November 2017


April is very professional, friendly and thoughtful. I don't often get an hour just for me and she made it a very relaxing hour!

Mandy D.   November 2017


My achy body NEEDED her! I booked additional appointment on my way out...THAT'S how great Emily is!!

Karen M.   November 2017


I really enjoyed my massage with Cami today. She focused on muscles that were knotted up with a good balance of pressure and relaxation. She did a good job of answering questions too.

Tammy D.    November 2017


Lynn was amazing! I have 2 children at home and one on the way, and I was VERY relaxed!

Julie M.    October 2017


Cami was extremely friendly, and informative about at home pain maintenance.

Olivia V.    October 2017


Emily was the best! I already made another appointment with her. I really feel like this was the best massage I've had.

Melissa R.   September 2017


Kala is very sweet and compassionate.

Ann S.    September 2017


April is amazing! She worked out all my soreness in my back and helped my carpal tunnel feel a million times better.

Amy W.    September 2017


Lynn was wonderful!! She was so sweet and it was a really great pregnancy massage.

Dana S.    September 2017

Emily is fantastic! She is very conscious of my needs and meets them. Can't wait for my next massage.

Sue C.   August 2017


Kala is absolutely amazing!!! I have been receiving massages for years, and she is by far the best massage therapist I have ever encountered!

Jennifer C.   August 2017


April was extremely professional, courteous, and easy to talk to. She made sure that I was comfortable for the duration of the massage, asked if I had any areas to focus on or avoid. All in all, she was a great massage therapist, and did a great job!

Kory F.     Aug 2017 


Emily is a firm, releasing massage. The end result is total relaxation.

Jacki K.   July 2017

I came in with a lot of back pain and tension, including tingling and pain down my arm into my fingers. After my massage I feel SO much better. It's the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. Thank you so much Kala!!

Laura H.  July 2017


My husband loved his massage therapist and said that was one of the best massages he has ever had! My massage therapist Emily was fabulous! She made me feel very comfortable and applied just the right amount of pressure. We will be booking again on our next Michigan vacation.

Rachel C.  July 2017


Kala did an excellent job getting the spots that hurt me the worse and making me walk out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. She also explained everything about the service and did a better job than the therapist I have seen in Los angeles where I live.

Matthew M.  June 2017


Lynn is terrific and I would definitely request her again. Great experience and kind staff!

Brittany D.  June 2017


April is the best massage therapist I've ever had in my 35 years of getting massages. She always asks at the beginning what are my areas of concern, and she consistently finds the areas that need to be addressed. Overall great job!!

Ben W.  June 2017


Emily is very friendly and knowledgable. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed and did a great job.

Bob L.   May 2017


Kala is always prepared, asks about my needs and carefully addresses them. She is an excellent therapist and I always recommend her to others.

Marcia V.   May 2017


Cami listens to my needs and always does her best to fulfill. She is also very knowledgable with aftercare.

Carmen B.   May 2017 


Lynn did an outstanding job. Adjusted pressure as needed and was friendly while maintaining a very relaxing atmosphere. I've had a stressful few months and my only regret is that I did not make an appointment earlier. 

Christina S.   May 2017


Emily was very sweet and seemed to pick up quickly that I was nervous about my first massage session.  She made sure I was relaxed and got the care I was looking for.  I feel much better thanks to her and look forward to coming back.

Beverly J.   April 2017


Love this place and very professional and kind staff!!

Heidi H.   April 2017


Emily seems to sense where your body needs the most attention. She is probably one of the best massage therapists I have ever had!!

Tracy M.   March 2017


Kala is absolutely amazing!! She found all of my knots and did such a great job working them out. She was incredibly soothing as she gave me my massage. Will definitely be rebooking with her!

Deb B.   March 2017 


I am older and have been to many massage therapists over the years, but without a doubt April is the best ever! Been going to her for at least a year now. She always asks about things that are bothering me and seems to find the tight areas in my body and works the kinks out. She to me is an A+ superstar. Great job April!!!

Ben W.   March 2017

Cami was great!! She took care of my issues completely. If I could do this every week I would!!! Thank you Cami, I will be back!

Ellen W.  February 2017


Best massage I have had in many years. I was so happy, I purchased 2 gift certificates for friends for Christmas. I will suggest they schedule with Crystal if she is available!

Gail O.  December 2016

The therapists my husband and I had were very nice and made us feel very comfortable. Thank you for our relaxation time. Appreciated this time spent with my husband. Thanks again ladies!

Lisa M.  December 2016

Crystal is an amazing massage therapist. Great technique, personality and she creates a relaxed environment.

Dawn V.  November 2016


My therapist April had this awesome peaceful energy to her. It was an all around wonderful experience.

Curtis K.  November 2016


Kala was SPOT ON today! I needed neck work done and she did a great job! In addition, the Pamper Me enhancement was perfect, and she did an awesome job on my hands and feet! I was so relaxed that I just wanted to stay there and sleep!!

Joy U.  October 2016


Cami was very attentive! She asked several times if the pressure was to my liking. Made me feel at ease and comfortable immediately! Will definitely ask for her again! And my daughter enjoyed her massage by Erika as well! Truly relaxing and the atmosphere was serene!

Charlotte L.  October 2016


Crystal was wonderful! She asked if I had any concerns or questions beforehand and was very professional. I will definitely schedule another appointment with her again!

Cheryl K.  October 2016


April did an outstanding job! Took care of my needs, and made me feel relaxed. She also was very friendly and a joy to converse with. Thanks!

Travis S. October 2016


This was my first ever massage so I knew nothing of what to expect. Madi is a very pleasant person and made this first time a great experience. It made me decide to go again as well as purchase an hour session for my wife.

Les T.  October 2016

It was probably the best massage I have ever had. April hit all the right spots that were sore. It was truly amazing!

Ben W.  August 2016


I've always enjoyed my services and always felt relaxed before. Cami did such a wonderful job that I was so relaxed afterwards that I fell asleep!

Yesenia L.  August 2016


Crystal was amazing and asked all the right questions at the right time. The perfect amount of pressure the entire time. A wonderful experience!

Paige E.  August 2016


Absolutely the best way to spend an hour! Our therapists were amazing. Very professional, caring and accommodating. We will be back soon and will be telling friends what a wonderful experience we had. Thank you!

Kim F.  June 2016

Kala is very kind, gentle and calming. I had never had a massage before, so I was a little nervous. She was great! I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. 

Jeannette G.  June 2016


Crystal was wonderful and accommodating! She was especially attentive to my concerns as this was my first prenatal massage. She made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire massage.

Megan S.  May 2016


April is awesome! I have been coming to her for three years and she is always great!!

Carrie W.   April 2016


First massage with Kala and she was great! She also showed me some stretches for my very sore arms. She is tiny but strong! Thank you Kala!

Betty Jo F.   April 2016


Unbelievable experience and quite honestly the best massage I have ever had! Crystal was incredible and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a little break from life for a little slice of relaxation Heaven!!! Amazing!

Emily H.   March 2016


April did an amazing job!!! I already booked another appointment with her. I feel like a new man!

Sam G.   March 2016


Kala was so sweet and made me feel so comforatable. I prefer not be asked questions or talk during my massage and the only time she talked was to ask me if I was comfortable and if the pressure was okay. I appreciated that! I will ask for her by name every time I make an appointment. She was seriously great!!

Jennifer M.   March 2016


I enjoyed Cami's honesty, personality, and professionalism. Already excited about my next visit!!

Laurie L.   February 2016


I love coming here. Everyone is always so nice. Kala even showed me some stretches I can do to help my sore shoulder...she is the best!

Steve B.   February 2016


My daughter and I had such an amazing experience. It was our first time there. They were so professional and caring of our needs. We enjoyed the relaxing massage we got and I wish we could have brought them home with us! I have looked for a long time for a place like this. Thank you ladies for a great experience. We will be back!!

Sherry D.   January 2016


Kala was great! I always have a good experience at Salubrity Vida! I'm able to sit back and relax in the waiting room, and when it's time to go into one of the massage rooms I feel like I am in a totally different place. I will continue to come back and recommend salubrity Vida to my friends!

Dayna R.   December 2015


Crystal is outstanding at what she does. My back pain was diminished greatly after my deep tissue massage. I will recommend her to others.  Thank you so much!

Devi J.   October 2015


Oh my gosh! Cami was phenomenol! She addressed every concern I had and I love even the small things she does to make my massage evn more special. I was in a blissful state for three hours today! Thank you! I love you guys!

Joy U.   March 2015


Wonderful, exceptional relaxation and pampering. I received a Mother's Day 2014 gift certificate emailed to me by my beautiful daughter who served a year of her life in Afghanistan for our freedom! My grateful Love to my daughter and a big thank you to the staff at this wonderful day spa!

Ava T.    August 2014


Wonderful, relaxing, professional atmosphere!

Matthew L.   June 2014


Love this place! Both times that we have been here they had always treated us like we were home. HIGHLY recommend! Thank you for taking care of my daughter and I today and making her feel extra special. The girls went above and beyond! Thank you thank you!

Soukna W.   May 2014


I really love this place. The decor and atmosphere take you away. Cami is such a professional. I highly recommend a visit here!

Shelley T.   May 2014


I was given a gift certificate for a massage and facial that I finally took advantage of last week. Emily gave me the very best massage and Leira gave me a much needed facial. Both were fantastic! I will return!

Rebecca C.   May 2014


I love your atmosphere, the minute I walk in I already start to relax.  Great service all around!

Lindsay B.  March 2014


From the moment I walked in the door, I was made to feel welcome and special.  The atmosphere was very inviting and relaxing.  Kaylyn did an excellent job!  Thank you to all of you!

Marilyn H.    March 2014


Loved the atmosphere!  Thanks for a great massage!

Carinna N.    March 2014


Emily is awesome!!  It is so nice when a therapist asks "are there any areas I should focus on?"  And when I answer, it is awesome to know the therapist listens and tries to find a way to alleviate my pain.  In this case, Emily put a hot towel on my

neck while massaging my back so it may soothe and loosen my neck muscles....ahhhhhhhhh!

Joy U.    Feb  2014


I love Salubrity Vida!  I always ask my boyfriend to get me a gift certificate for Christmas and my birthday.  I will continue coming here and recommending it to others.

Dayna K.    March 2014


All staff was professionl, polite and very welcoming.  Glad we came and will spread the word on such awesome services.

Susan O.    March 2014


For my first time ever having a massage, I thought it was very good and very relaxing!

Jim S.    March 2014


I have been receiving massages from April since 2009.  She is beyond 'A Pro' at what she does.  She ALWAYS takes her time and concentrates on the areas that I point out.  I have NEVER been disappointed in her therapy.  She's THE BEST.   If it's your first time visiting Salubrity Vida and you don't know who to choose, set your appointment with April.  You will be refreshed and AMAZED by her work!

Peter A.   October 2013


Was extremely happy with how smooth and easy the scheduling went without a single problem.  We received a couples massage while in Holland on vacation.  The facilities were clean and very relaxing.  The staff was ultra friendly and professional.  I believe I had April who had the hands of a goddess!

Dave C.    June 2013


It was my first time and I was very pleased with my massage!!  Will definitely be coming back.

Sandy H    June 2013


A massage at Salubrity is always wonderful.  My boyfriend and I always stop in when we are in town.  Thank you for always making us feel awesome.

Carissa H  July 2013


That was my first experience at a day spa.  It was most relaxed I have been in quite some time.  The atmosphere is wonderful!

Julie V   May 2013


I enjoyed the atmosphere and services provided by your facility.  I left feeling very relaxed.  Thank you.

Dorothy S    June 2013


Cami was amazing.  She has very strong hands!  She worked on the tough parts, but still was able to massage my whole body.  I am very happy with her.  I love the place, and the fact that all the rooms are decorated different.

Jenny D   June 2013


F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!!! My May Sampler Package could not have possibly been any better.  I was on vacation from Florida and after a long day of walking all over Holland enjoying the tulips boy was my body dragging.  When I left the spa I had a spring in my step!  I felt so relaxed and stress free just the way vacation should be.  Thank you all for such a wonderful experience!  Salubrity is the best!!

Wanda S    May 2013


Cami was awesome!

Karen H   May 2013


Emily did a GREAT job working on the pulled muscle in my back. Even found a few more tight muscles that needed working on. YAY Emily!! Thank you, thank you!
Linda L    April 2013


One of the best massages I've ever had. I have had massages in Thailand, South Africa etc. a great experience I will be back! 
Jane V    April 2013


Emily gives a perfect massage. I will definitely be back.
Ann Marie G   April 2013


I appreciated the environment of the room, the relaxing music, the permission to be silent while the massage took place and the sweet care Cami had towards me. Thank you.
Sandra N    April 2013


I was extremely happy with my massage experience. They are very professional. I asked for a deep massage and they did an awesome job. The staff and the atmosphere are wonderful. I made an appointment to come back. I am so glad they joined Spafinder as I was looking for something closer to where I live. Never knew they were here. They have been in business for almost ten years and it shows!! 
Penny B     March 2013


I love the atmosphere, the staff, the services and feel like I'm spoiling myself every time I come to Salubrity Vida! I honestly don't feel like a dollar to Salubrity Vida (like I have felt at other similar massage places/spas) but a valued customer! Thanks to all! :)
I love Salubrity Vida because they make me feel like I am their most valued customer. :)

Joy U     April 2013


I just have to comment on the excellent job Emily does!!! She asks about the target areas and gives them good attention with her strong hands. She seems to read my mind when to move on and how to "even things out". Relaxing, therapeutic--perfect! Thanks, Emily.
Laura A     March 2013


Always a pleasure!
Corey G     April 2013


Just the ticket.  Great job! Looking forward to our next appointment.

Walt S.    March 2013


I love your facility, it is relaxing, calm and very clean. Cami is an amazing massage therapist and such a sweet girl! Impressive customer service from setting the appointment to checking out! Highly recommend your business to others!
Rebecca R    Feb 2013


I was very happy with my massage!  Thank you!

Faith A.   Jan 2013


616-392-1899       84 East Lakewood Blvd. Holland, MI  49424

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