Fall 2019 Seasonal Special
Did you know, we have both an Infrared Sauna Series as well as a Float Therapy Series?
A great way to save on these wonderful services that will keep you feeling
warm and cozy through our long winter months!

When considering a relaxing spa service, most people often think of massage. And although massage is wonderful tool for relaxation, muscle, and stress relief...it is certainly not the only option.


Float Therapy is a wonderful alternative for relaxation as well as muscle tension relief. It is becoming the go-to for many clients looking for ultimate stress relief. With the cooler weather right around the corner, our Infrared Sauna is also the perfect way to warm up, calm down, and detoxify your body. Our facials and body treatments are not only a way to relax and escape for an hour or so, but you will also learn how get your skin looking its best and how to keep it that way.


We have such a great variety of options available for relaxation, skincare, and muscle relief…and now could be the perfect time to discover all of the possibilities!

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