It can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the hustle and bustle world that we live in. Taking good care of your body

and mind can make a difference in how healthy you are in general and how well you cope with change.


Relaxation is an important part of maintaining health and wellbeing, and being able to calmly deal with life’s stresses. 

Relaxation can improve your mental health and gives the body a chance to take a break and release muscle tension

(that you may not even be aware of).


Salubrity Vida means Healthy Life. And when you step into our spa, you will enter a calming atmosphere designed to transport our guest’s to a very comfortable place of relaxation. Our unique variety of services are all designed to help you reduce the negative effects of everyday stress and tension, while increasing health and vitality. We believe it is healthy to relax!

We are Holland's only place to float!

Floatation therapy creates a unique environment: free of external stimuli, which is proven to increase feelings of serenity

and relaxation, and decreasing feelings of anxiety and tension – which last long after your session is finished.

A truly immersive experience

Our atmosphere was created to be a welcoming escape!

A few words from our guests:


The most peaceful, relaxing, awesome massage, and secluded like get away. Most massage places seem like Dr.’s offices. Salubrity Vida is like a vacation getaway. Love it!

My massage was wonderful! Exactly what I was hoping for. Your space was very nicely decorated and pleasant. I will definitely return.

That was by far the best massage I've ever had. I'd love to come back soon with my daughter and my mom! 


I had a facial and it was Amazing!! Lauren was very knowledgeable and I really enjoyed my visit. I booked my next facial.


I came in with a lot of back pain and tension, including tingling and pain down my arm into my fingers. After my massage I feel SO much better. It's the most relaxed I have felt in a long time!

My therapist had this awesome peaceful energy to her. It was an all around wonderful experience.

Love this place and very professional and kind staff!!

My therapist was very sweet and seemed to pick up quickly that I was nervous about my first massage session.  She made sure I was relaxed and got the care I was looking for.  I feel much better thanks to her and look forward to coming back.

When considering a relaxing spa service, most people often think of massage. And although massage is wonderful tool for relaxation, muscle, and stress is certainly not the only option.


Float Therapy is a wonderful alternative for relaxation as well as muscle tension relief. It is becoming the go-to for many clients looking for ultimate stress relief. With the cooler weather right around the corner, our Infrared Sauna is also the perfect way to warm up, calm down, and detoxify your body. Our facials and body treatments are not only a way to relax and escape for an hour or so, but you will also learn how get your skin looking its best and how to keep it that way.


We have such a great variety of options available for relaxation, skincare, and muscle relief…and now could be the perfect time to discover all of the possibilities!

616-392-1899       84 East Lakewood Blvd. Holland, MI  49424

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