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Body treatments are the perfect way to not only relax, but also give your skin the nourishment needed to maintain a healthy glow. These unique and luxurious services are performed by our highly skilled estheticians, so you know your skin is in good hands!


Relax & Be Well - $75

(75 minute service time)

You stay fully clothed for this unique escape, so it’s perfect for those who may be not be comfortable with massage, but still in need of ultimate relaxation. This is a wonderful couples service too!

This service starts out with a seasonal scented foot soak and foot exfoliation. Once your feet are soothed & softened, we will loosen your tight muscles with a focused neck and shoulder rub. Now it’s time to relax for a bit with perfectly placed neck and eye pillows along with noise canceling headphones with a variety of calming spa music to choose from.

This peaceful escape continues with a moisturizing eco-fin hand and foot treatment. Your hands and feet will be covered with warm hand mitts and booties, and then we will leave the room let you and take a little much needed 15 minute nap. When we quietly wake you from your nap, we will remove your moisturizing treatment then send you on your way to enjoy the rest of your glorious day!

Skin Soothing Escape - $135

(service timeframe: 1 hour, 45min)

We combine our Relax & Be Well plus an Express Facial to give you this delightful little skin soothing escape.

You will start with a scented foot soak and scrub. After loosening your tight muscles with a focused neck and shoulder rub, we will tuck you away with noise cancelling headphones playing calming spa music…ahhhhhh, so relaxing!

Once you have rested a bit, we will give your skin some love with a refreshing Express Facial. We will then finish your peaceful and pampering escape with an ultra moisturizing eco-fin hand and foot treatment.

Sometimes you just need a few moments to unwind, soothe your skin, and recharge your mind!

FarmHouse Fresh Body Treatments

FarmHouse Fresh products are crafted around delicious food and drinks, using up to 100% natural and naturally derived ingredients, and chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and plants…all from U.S. farms.

Hand Renewal - $55

service includes: hand exfoliation + honey glaze hand wrap + hot stone hand massage + spearmint balm hand hydration

(30 minutes)

Give your hands a renewing experience! You will start with a hand exfoliation to brush away that tired skin.  Next we add a honey glaze and wrap your hands in warm mittens to seal in the softness. Once we unwrap your hands, you will enjoy a hot stone hand massage. To finish, a velvety balm wraps your hands in a luscious blend of moisture-infusing vitamin C and cooling spearmint.


Sole Enrich-Mint - $55

service includes: foot exfoliation + honey glaze foot wrap + hot stone foot massage + spearmint balm foot hydration

(30 minutes)

Add a little love to the soles with this pampering foot treatment! You will start with a foot exfoliation. Next we add a honey heel glaze and wrap your feet in warm booties. Once we unwrap your feet, you will enjoy a hot stone foot massage. Finally, we will apply a soothing spearmint foot balm for a soft, supple finish.

CBD Sinus Soother + Steaming Hand & Foot Wrap - $60

service includes: sinus soothing compress + acupressure facial massage + hand & foot massage + hand & foot compress

(30 minutes)

A steaming hot towel infused with a custom blend of Pink Himalayan and Epsom salts scented with rosemary mint oil will open airways to rejuvenation. This crisp refresher is followed by a Hi-Bio Hemp CBD oil acupressure facial massage. The luminous CBD Oil is then used for a soothing hand and foot massage, which is finished with a hot towel compress that seals in skin-renewing antioxidants.

Body Exfoliation - $70

service includes: body exfoliation + skin hydration

(approx 45 minutes)

Pick your perfect scent and we will exfoliate and hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. 

Available Scents: Whipped Honey; Bourbon Bubbler; Citrus Grass; Unscented

Toning Cactus Wrap - $140

service includes: body exfoliation + body mask + skin hydration

(90 minutes)

Your overworked skin is smoothed and buffed with a citrus grass body scrub. After we remove your scrub with steaming rosemary mint scented towels, a firming cactus gel will warm and tone your skin as you are wrapped in a cozy layer of linens. A refreshing, non-greasy agave nectar hydration brings a smooth end to this treatment.

Goodness Greens Enriching Body Treatment - $150 

service includes: foot soak + body exfoliation + body mask + skin hydration

( 1 hour 45 minutes)

This superpower treatment is a blend of our best greens for ultimate skin nourishment.

Being gluten-free & nut-free, this treatment is perfect for those with allergen sensitivities.

Start out with a soothing rosemary and mint infused foot soak. Next, we invigorate your skin with a crisp Citrus Grass and organic alfalfa body exfoliation. Then you will relax as our avocado puree mask with skin-feeding super antioxidants goes to work. Finally, we will hydrate your skin with a citrus oil blend of cilantro and lime. This is one totally terrific way to get your greens for the day!


Citrus Grove Refreshing Body Treatment & Facial - $165

service includes: foot soak + body exfoliation + skin hydration + express facial + lip treatment + neck/shoulder rub 

(approx 1 hr. 45 minutes)

Slip away and forget the day with this dreamy citrus infused escape! You will start with a relaxing foot soak with an uplifting scent of sweet orange and vanilla. Your pampering continues with a frothy, sugar-whipped body polish that foams up into a rich, velvety lather. We will then move on to a soothing neck and shoulder rub using a luscious clementine scented oil. Next, a moisturizing hydration with refreshing notes of creamy vanilla and juicy tangerine will seal in all the delightfulness.

This dreamy service will finish with an Express Facial to restore hydration for a glowing complexion. We will also give your lips a treat with an exfoliation and nourishing Vitamin C lip balm with a delicious orange flavor.

Great Smurfness Candied Cocoa Softening Hand & Foot Treatment - $95

service includes: foot soak + hand & foot exfoliation + hand & foot wrap + hand & foot hydration + neck & shoulder rub

(60 minutes)

Pamper your hands and feet with some Smurfy softness! This treatment includes a foot soak plus hand and foot exfoliation, wrap, and hydration. We will also add in a soothing neck and shoulder rub. 

Frothy Orange Body Whip Body Exfoliation - $95

service includes: foot soak + body exfoliation + skin hydration

(60 minutes)

Scrub and buff your cares away with this Smurf-sationally softening body exfoliation. This treatment includes a foot soak, body exfoliation, and skin hydration. We will also add in a hot stone back rub. 


Honeyberry Sweet Retreat Body Treatment - $165

service includes: foot soak + body exfoliation + body mask + body hydration + neck & shoulder rub

(1hr, 45 minutes)

Breathe deeply in and out as delicious blueberry, warm honey, and creamy vanilla notes fill your senses. This Smurf-tacular body treatment includes a foot soak, body exfoliation, body mask, neck and shoulder rub, and skin hydration. 

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