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When purchasing a gift certificate please keep in mind:


~ Gift Certificates are non-refundable.


~ You may purchase gift certificates specifically for Float Therapy or the Infrared Sauna. For any other services you will purchase a certificate for a dollar amount. 


​**Purchasing a Gift Certificate specifically for massage -      Please take note - 

The demand for massage has been much greater than our current staff can take on. So for the time being our massage therapists have very limited availability for new clients. Unless your recipient is already a regular client on our schedule, getting in for massage could be very difficult.  We will always add them to a waitlist and work them in as soon as we can, just be sure they are OK with possibly waiting a bit to get in.

~ We offer many other services such as facials, body treatments, as well as natural wellness therapies such as our Infrared Sauna, Zero Gravity Chair, and Float. These services will ensure your recipient receives the ultimate gift of relaxation.


**A couple of alternatives that offer a little more flexibility for your recipient are Spa Finder Gift Cards and West Coast Cash. We have added links below to get more information about these other great gift options.

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