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Zero Gravity Massage Chair


At the core of our contactless Zero Gravity Massage Chair lies the technology to transform your entire state of being by delivering an intuitive and lifelike massage.

Our world today seems overwhelming, and keeping stress under control can feel like a never-ending battle. Although we understand nothing can replace the benefits of a hands on massage, we felt it was very important to give our clients another option to take a break and get a little relief.


Our contactless zero gravity massage chair is the perfect tool to relieve stress and ease muscle tension

in between visits with your massage therapist. It is also wonderful as a stand-alone treatment,

or as an add-on to our other body therapies and facial services.


Giving your body some special care is a natural way to relieve stress and tension…and we are so excited to add our Zero Gravity Massage Chair to our spa menu of holistic stress reducing therapies.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

$20 session

*session approximately 20 minutes

Zero Gravity Series =$80

Buy 4 and get 1 free

Our signature contactless massage mode encompasses all of what our chair has to offer. This mode reads your body structure and selects the appropriate shiatsu points for your neck, back, and glutes. Attention will also be given to your calves and feet. The zero-gravity recline position cradles your body for maximum comfort and is designed to revitalize the entire body while refreshing fatigued muscles.

*Session by appointment only

*Chair position is adjustable for your comfort

*Staff member will give instructions and customize session for you

*If you feel any discomfort during session please let us know immediately

**Maximum User Weight - 265 lbs

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