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This customized massage is designed to improve circulation, soothe your muscles, and give you ultimate relaxation and tension relief. Our therapists stick with a soothing medium pressure style throughout the massage, and also use a variety of medium to firm pressure techniques and tools on areas of concern to create the most comfortable and beneficial massage experience for each individual client. 


Our waiting area is always stocked with coffee, tea, and snacks for our guests to enjoy before or after their massage...and we always send you home with a bottle of water for optimal hydration after your service. 


60 Min= $95

75 Min= $115

90 Min= $140

30 Minute - $50
Our half hour massage is perfect for those times when you just want some quick relief on a specific area.



60 Min= $95

Prenatal Massage is a full body massage that promotes a comfortable low stress pregnancy. Gentle and relaxing, this is a must for moms-to-be. Also great for baby!



Mini-spa treatments that are designed to help your massage session feel just a little more luxurious. *Enhancements are incorporated into your chosen massage timeframe.

Pamper Me - $5.00  

The use of hot, moist towels on neck, back, and feet to help relax tight muscles and increase circulation.

**We will also add in a soothing eye pillow for your comfort.


Essential Oil - $5.00  

Essential oil of your choice is either diffused in room or added to your massage lotion. You may choose both options for $10.00

Oil Choices: Eucalyptus; Lavender; Peppermint; Stress Away; Peace & Calming


Exfoliating Scrub a Dub - $15.00  

Back exfoliation and removal of dry skin, followed by a nourishing moisturizer. Ask us for seasonal scent options


Soothing Stones -  $15.00  

A mini hot stone massage focused on your area of choice.

Poor Little Footsies - $20.00  

Mixture of peppermint and tea tree oil is applied with a soothing foot exfoliation and hot towel removal.

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