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We live in such a fast paced world, and expect immediate results for almost everything. 

Floating is an exercise of still calmness that results in the most fantastic relaxation. 


The more you float, the deeper your experience, and the easier it becomes. Like yoga or meditation, you cannot do it once and achieve all of your goals or be an expert. Each time you float, your practice deepens, your mind and body become acclimated to the environment, and letting go becomes a lot easier.


For anyone curious about float therapy, we recommend starting off with 3 floats within 30 days. Your first visit is considered a learning experience, as it is an entirely new environment and it can take some time for the mind and body to adjust. A new floater will also have a lot of questions and anticipation leading up to their first float.  A second float session helps you really see the potential benefits of regular floating. After the third float, you will have uncluttered your mind, reset your nervous system and stimulated your lymphatic system.


After the completion of the 3 initial floats, you will have a better understanding of how often you would like to float. Some people enjoy weekly floats, while others enjoy monthly floats. 

If you have a stressed and anxious lifestyle, you would probably benefit from a consistent frequent floating schedule. If you experience chronic pain and body fatigue, fitting in frequent floats would greatly improve your relief and extend the physical benefits of floating. Whatever you decide, understand that floating is a process and each float is a build up from the previous experience, and it only gets better.

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